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The Flash is Barry Allen, a police scientist, who was working one night during a terrible thunder storm when a bolt of lightning crashes through the lab window, electrocuting him. Barry survives and soon learns that he is now able to move at almost incomprehensible speed.

Genres: Action | Adventure | Science-Fiction
Station: CBS (US)
Rating: 7/10 from 3 users
Status: Ended
Start: 1990-09-20

The Flash Season 1 Air Dates

S01E01 - Pilot Air Date: 21 September 1990 00:30 -

Forensic scientist Barry Allen is struck by lightning and doused in chemical products that afford him superhuman speed, which he learns to control with help from Tina McGee, a scientist from S.T.A.R. Labs. When Barry's brother, policeman Jay Allen, is murdered by his corrupt ex-partner, Nicholas Pike, the leader of a vicious gang of criminals, Barry uses his newfound abilities to bring Pike and his men to justice and decides to continue protecting Central City as "The Flash".

S01E02 - Out of Control Air Date: 28 September 1990 00:30 -

While Barry and his colleague Julio Mendez investigate the murders of several homeless people whose bodies are being stolen from the crime scenes, Tina reconnects with an old friend, Dr. Carl Tanner, who has recently returned to Central City to retrieve Tina's late husband's research on genetic engineering. Barry and Tina learn that Tanner is using the vagrants in his illegal experiments to create superhumans, and upon being confronted, Tanner injects himself with the unfinished serum, turning into a monstrous creature that only the Flash manages to defeat.

S01E03 - Watching the Detectives Air Date: 19 October 1990 00:30 -

Barry's secret identity is uncovered by Megan Lockhart, a private investigator employed by corrupt District Attorney Arthur Simonson, who blackmails Barry into becoming his secret accomplice in his efforts to bring legalized gambling into Central City on behalf of the organized crime. Barry acquires evidence of Simonson's crimes, including his plans to betray the mob bosses and seize control of their business, and exposes them to the media. Simonson is subsequently assassinated via a bomb planted in his car, while Lockhart, having grown attracted to Barry, destroys the evidence she had compiled in order to protect his secret.

S01E04 - Honor Among Thieves Air Date: 26 October 1990 00:30 -

Master thief Stan Kovacs assembles a team of criminals, which the police believes intends to steal the Mask of Rasputin from the museum of natural history. While they are distracted guarding it, Kovacs masterminds a string of robberies across Central City, which are foiled by the Flash, and in the process Barry learns that Kovacs is using the other criminals as a diversion so his accomplice Celia Wayne can steal the relic and frame the museum's curator and Barry's mentor, Ted Prelminger. The Flash catches up to Kovacs and Celia before they escape with the artifact and brings them to justice, proving Premilger's innocence.

S01E05 - Double Vision Air Date: 02 November 1990 01:30 -

Barry attempts to foil the kidnapping of Sofia Tomarquin, daughter of DEA agent Felix Tomarquin, who is scheduled to testify against drug lord Reuben Calderon. However, Calderon's enforcer, Marcos Trachman, utilizes advanced microscopic devices to control Barry's nervous system and force him to help them kidnap Sofia.

S01E06 - Sins of the Father Air Date: 09 November 1990 01:30 -

Barry attempts to protect his father, veteran policeman Henry Allen, from Johnny Ray Hix, a dangerous criminal that Henry arrested 15 years prior and who has escaped from prison to enact revenge. Henry is initially dismissive of Barry's attempts to use forensic science, which Henry rejects, to locate Hix, but they prove vital when Hix murders Henry's old partner Pete Donello and kidnaps Henry. The Flash rescues him and brings Hix to justice, while Barry and Henry finally make amends.

S01E07 - Child's Play Air Date: 16 November 1990 01:30 -

Barry shelters street orphans Terry and Cory Cohan, who have stolen the briefcase of a recently murdered journalist, Philip Sullivan, containing Sullivan's research on a highly addictive synthetic drug known as "Blue Mist", developed by notorious drug designer Beaugarde Lasko. Terry is nearly murdered while meeting Lasko to exchange the briefcase for $1 million dollars, and Barry subsequently arrests Lasko and dismantles his operation before Blue Mist can be unleashed in Central City, while Terry and Cory are adopted by Sullivan's widow, Joan.

S01E08 - Shroud of Death Air Date: 30 November 1990 01:30 -

Lieutenant Warren Garfield stonewalls Barry and Julio's efforts to locate a cloaked figure who is targeting individuals connected to the arrest of notorious anarchist Zacharias, who later died in prison. Barry realizes Garfield was one of the arresting officers just as Garfield's wife, Mavis, is critically injured by the killer, revealed to be Zacharias' daughter, Angel, who then lures Garfield into a trap. The Flash intervenes, saving Garfield and arresting Angel, before helping Garfield save his wife, and earning Garfield's respect.

S01E09 - Ghost in the Machine Air Date: 14 December 1990 01:30 -

In the 1950s, Central City's guardian was Desmond Powell, who fought crime as "The Nightshade". His nemesis, a criminal mastermind known as "The Ghost", is believed to have died after a confrontation, causing a guilt-stricken Powell to retire. However, the Ghost has in fact preserved himself in suspended animation and resurfaces in the 1990s, where he hijacks Central City's power grids and holds the city for ransom, forcing Powell to return to action and join forces with the Flash. Together, they defeat the Ghost and save the city.

S01E10 - Sight Unseen Air Date: 11 January 1991 01:30 -

Brian Gideon, a disgruntled chemical engineer, learns that S.T.A.R. Labs is producing weapons of mass destruction based on his research for the United States government and uses an cloaking device to infiltrate S.T.A.R. Labs and retrieve the weapons, but his plans go awry, and Tina and her employer Ruth Wenerke are exposed to a deadly neurotoxin. While attempting to locate both Gideon and a cure, Barry clashes with federal agent Jack Quinn, who is trying to cover up Gideon's involvement in the crisis. Barry confronts Gideon, who injects him with the toxin in order to escape, but Barry is able to burn it off his body, and use his blood to inoculate Tina and Ruth. Gideon is then arrested, while Ruth cuts ties with Quinn, who is detained when the activities he illegally sanctioned for Gideon are exposed.

S01E11 - Beat the Clock Air Date: 01 February 1991 01:30 -

Barry and Julio are tipped off that Wayne Contrell, a famous Jazz saxophonist on the death row for the murder of his wife, lounge singer Linda Lake, is innocent, and given 24 hours to find evidence to acquit him. They ultimately learns that Linda was kidnapped by Wayne's brother, Elliott Contrell, who wanted to ruin his brother's life out of jealousy. Barry proves Wayne's innocence with a minute to spare, and he is reunited with Linda, while Elliott is arrested.

S01E12 - The Trickster Air Date: 08 February 1991 01:30 -

James Jesse, a schizophrenic serial killer, becomes obsessed with Megan Lockhart, who had been investigating his activities, and attempts to kidnap her, but she is rescued by the Flash. Believing them to be romantically involved, Jesse adopts the identity of the Trickster and begins tormenting the Flash.

S01E13 - Tina, Is That You? Air Date: 15 February 1991 01:30 -

Barry becomes plagued with nightmares after the accidental death of the leader of a all-female gang, the Black Rose. A bio-feedback experiment gone awry causes Tina to develop a malevolent personality, and she seizes control of the Black Rose. When Barry foils their latest robbery, Tina decides to lure Barry into a trap and kill him, but Barry manages to escape, prevent Tina from exposing his secret identity and leaving the Black Rose for the police before taking Tina back to S.T.A.R. Labs, using the bio-feedback device to restore her to normal.

S01E14 - Be My Baby Air Date: 22 February 1991 01:30 -

Barry crosses paths with Stacy Doubek, the daughter of Nobel prize winning academics, and her young daughter, Lily, who are fleeing Lily's father, mobster Philip Moses, who wants the child as his heir. After the Flash prevents Moses from kidnapping Stacy, Garfield attempts to use her in a sting operation to lure Moses into a trap, but Moses is tipped off by his men and manages to escape with Lily. The Flash chases him to an abandoned airfield and prevents him from leaving Central City, and Moses is arrested while Stacy and Lily are reunited and decide to stay in Central City.

S01E15 - Fast Forward Air Date: 28 February 1991 01:30 -

Nicholas Pike is released from prison on a technicality and attempts to use a missile to kill the Flash, instead transporting him 10 years into the future, where Barry's secret identity has been exposed and Pike has conquered the city. Aided by his old friends, Barry regains his speed and manages to return to the past, capturing Pike once again and saving the city.

S01E16 - Deadly Nightshade Air Date: 31 March 1991 01:30 -

Philanthropist Curtis Bonnahan, son of Derek Bonnahan, a mobster arrested by the Nightshade in the 1960s, becomes a copycat vigilante known as "The Deadly Nightshade", who employs lethal force in his crusade against crime. Garfield deduces that Powell, an old friend of his, is the Nightshade and arrests him, but Felicia Kane, a young woman rescued by Bonnahon, testifies in Powell's favor and he is acquitted, only to be kidnapped by Bonnahan, who wants Powell to join him. Barry locates them and defeats Bonnahan with Powell's help. Powell then decides to reveal his secret identity to the world.

S01E17 - Captain Cold Air Date: 07 April 1991 01:30 -

Mobster Jimmy Swain employs hitman Leonard Wynters, also known as "Captain Cold" for his weapon of choice, a nuclear-powered freeze ray, to eliminate his competitors and then the Flash. Wynters is arrested following a confrontation with the scarlet speedster, but escapes and rendzevous with Swain, who is killed for refusing to pay Wynters his dues. Wynters then lures the Flash into a trap, hellbent on completing his contract out of honor, but Barry outsmarts him due to a device that preserves his body heat, and diverts Wynters' beam against him, encasing Wynters in ice.

S01E18 - Twin Streaks Air Date: 14 April 1991 00:30 -

Barry is cloned by Dr. Jason Brassel, who names the clone "Pollux". Upon learning he has created for the purpose of weaponization, Pollux goes on a rampage and comes into conflict with the Flash, ultimately defeating him. Brassel attempts to kill Barry to cover up his own tracks, but Pollux takes the bullet and dies in Barry's arms, while Brassel succumbs from the injuries Pollux had earlier inflicted on him.

S01E19 - Done With Mirrors Air Date: 28 April 1991 00:30 -

Sam Scudder, a criminal mastermind who uses mirrors and holograms to commit his crimes, steals an advanced battery from S.T.A.R Labs East Coast division, which is then stolen from him by his partner, Stacia Masters, who flees to Central City and seduces her former classmate Barry into sheltering her at his apartment. Scudder kidnaps Tina and her mother to force the Flash to locate and deliver the battery, and Barry ultimately realizes Stacia is manipulating him. He rescues Tina and her mother and arrests both Scudder and Stacia, returning the battery to S.T.A.R Labs.

S01E20 - Good Night, Central City Air Date: 05 May 1991 00:30 -

Petty crook Harry Milgrim and his cousin, scientist Roger Braintree, plan to use a subsonic device developed by Braintree, which places people in an induced slumber, to rob Central City. Milgrim fakes his death to infiltrate the police station and steal valuable information, pinning the blame on Barry, who races against time to both prove his innocence and prevent Milgrim and Braintree from conducting a citywide robbery. In the end, he triumphs, with Milgrim and Braintree being arrested, clearing his name.

S01E21 - Alpha Air Date: 12 May 1991 00:30 -

Barry and Tina befriend Alpha, an android assassin developed by the United States government who refuses to kill, and protect her from another assassin, Omega, send to destroy her. The Flash ultimately destroys Omega and helps Alpha evade the government and escape Central City to start her life anew.

S01E22 - The Trial of the Trickster Air Date: 19 May 1991 00:30 -

Barry feels betrayed when the city treats James Jesse as a celebrity ahead of his trial. Jesse later escapes from prison with help from an obsessive fan, Zoey Clark, and becomes the Trickster once again, with Clark as his assistant, Prank. They brainwash the Flash into joining them in wreaking havoc, damaging the Flash's public image.

The Flash Actors

John Wesley Shipp(Barry Allen / The Flash)

Alex D├ęsert(Julio Mendez)

Amanda Pays(Dr. Christina 'Tina' McGee)

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