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Join the fun in the town of Bedrock with the this fabulously famous modern Stone-Age family. Mowing the lawn with a saw-toothed dinosaur, showering with water sprayed from a woolly mammoth's trunk and eating brontosaurus burgers are everyday events for the lovable Fred and Wilma Flintstone and their friends Barney and Betty Rubble. Living in prehistoric times has its drawbacks, but the Flintstones and their neighbors survive in style. So have a yabba-dabba-doo time with the The Flintstones.

Genres: Comedy | Family | Science-Fiction
Station: ABC (US)
Rating: 7.33/10 from 3 users
Status: Ended
Start: 1960-09-30

The Flintstones Season 3 Air Dates

S03E01 - Dino Goes Hollyrock Air Date: 15 September 1962 00:30 -

Dino becomes infatuated with a female dinosaur tv star name Sassie and Fred and Barney end up preparing him for a tv audition.

S03E02 - Fred's New Boss Air Date: 22 September 1962 00:30 -

Barney ends up unemployed and Fred tries to help him out by getting him a job at the quarry. Things go downhill from there.

S03E03 - Barney the Invisible Air Date: 29 September 1962 00:30 -

Fred's latest "get-rich-quick" scheme is to invent a new soft drink. His concoction may not have what it takes to displace the beverages dominating the market, but it makes Barney invisible.

S03E04 - Bowling Ballet Air Date: 06 October 1962 00:30 -

Fred, a talented bowler, seems to have lost the knack of it of late, and a big tournament is coming up. Some of his co-workers have even bet their wages on the outcome. Desperate to get back his game, Fred decides to take ballet lessons at the local dance school; perhaps a little fancy footwork is what he needs.

S03E05 - The Twitch Air Date: 13 October 1962 00:30 -

Fred gets pop star "Rock Roll" (an obvious Elvis parody) to perform at Wilma's women's club function. When Rock suffers laryngitis pursuant to an allergic reaction and cannot perform, Fred comes to the rescue by donning Rock's costume and lip-syncing to his hit record.

S03E06 - Here's Snow in Your Eyes Air Date: 20 October 1962 00:30 -

Fred and Barney go on a ski trip and tell Wilma and Betty to stay home. Jealous, Wilma and Betty secretly follow them on their trip, during which the two men inadvertently catch a trio of jewel thieves. Wilma and Betty make it home before them but suspiciously have colds, but when Fred and Barney offer to take them out, the wives decline and tell the guys they'd rather stay home after all.

S03E07 - The Buffalo Convention Air Date: 27 October 1962 00:30 -

Fred, Barney, and the other members of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes are informed that they'll be going to Frantic City for a convention for three days — without the wives. Their wives are lulled into agreement by a phony "doctor" (in actuality, a plumber who belongs to the lodge) who convinces them that their husbands need an out-of-town break for a few days. Meanwhile, Fred buys a talking dodo bird named Doozy for Wilma. Naturally, once the boys leave, Doozy informs Wilma about the husbands' entire plan, so Wilma and Betty and the other water Buffalo wives follow them to Frantic City. Once Wilma and Betty and the other wives see the beauties that have exited the cake, the beauties are attacked by the wives and are chased out of the convention hall by them. When Fred and Barney are chosen to open the cake, they are unpleasantly surprised to find two very familiar, raging-mad women awaiting them!

S03E08 - The Little Stranger Air Date: 10 November 1962 01:30 -

Fred overhears portions of a conversation that Wilma and Betty have about taking in a little visitor and stranger and Fred thinks Wilma is having a baby. He asks his mother-in-law to stay to help Wilma with the arrival of their baby. But, to Fred's chagrin, the "little visitor" turns out to be the Flintstones' paperboy, Arnold, and one of the sources of much of Fred's anger and frustration.

S03E09 - Baby Barney Air Date: 10 November 1962 01:30 -

Fred's rich Uncle Tex is coming for a visit, and to stay on Tex's short list of inheriting his uncle's money, Fred had told Tex that he had a baby boy and named him after his uncle. What to do in a hurry? Barney to the rescue! Another episode where Fred mistakenly thinks Wilma is having a baby – he finds a bootie that Wilma is knitting for Betty's sister's baby at the end of the episode.

S03E10 - Hawaiian Escapade Air Date: 17 November 1962 01:30 -

Fred wins a contest to go to Hawaii to be on a TV show ("Hawaiian Spy," a topical reference to ABC's Hawaiian Eye). He is given a role as a stunt double for star "Larry Lava", but it's Wilma that turns out to be the big star instead.

S03E11 - Ladies Day Air Date: 24 November 1962 01:30 -

Fred wants to go to the big game, and if it means dressing up as a woman to get in, so be it.

S03E12 - Nuttin' But the Tooth Air Date: 01 December 1962 01:30 -

Barney has a toothache, so in order to have enough money for a boxing match featuring Heavyweight Champion of the World Floyd Patterstone (Floyd Patterson), Fred takes Barney to a veterinary dentist instead of one for prehistoric humans. But due to the dentist's long telephone call from his wife and Barney's continued exposure to anesthetic gases during the phone call, Barney floats out of the dentist's office. A panicked Fred tries to follow Barney to bring him down, but soon both are flying high above Bedrock. There is one advantage, however: they watch the fight from up in the air for free.

S03E13 - High School Fred Air Date: 08 December 1962 01:30 -

In order to keep his job, Fred must return to High School in order to earn his diploma he was unable to earn years before and winds up making friends with the kids in the school. In the end he gets the diploma and is exhausted stating, "Only the young can take high school".

S03E14 - Dial S for Suspicion Air Date: 15 December 1962 01:30 -

A spoof of the novel and movie Dial M for Murder. When Fred sees Wilma reading a novel, he worries that she is planning on murdering him to collect life insurance money after a few near accidents.

S03E15 - Flash Gun Freddie Air Date: 22 December 1962 01:30 -

Fred and Barney take up photography as a hobby during their vacation from work with disastrous results.

S03E16 - The Kissing Burglar Air Date: 05 January 1963 01:30 -

A romantic burglar is targeting Fred's neighborhood and befriends Wilma before getting caught. Note: This has some similarities to the season one episode "The Prowler".

S03E17 - Wilma, the Maid Air Date: 12 January 1963 01:30 -

Wilma, tired of housekeeping, hires a maid. But Fred's loud singing annoys the maid, and she quits. Inconveniently, Betty would like the maid's assistance in receiving important guests at her house, and Fred has invited his boss, Mr. Slate, for dinner.

S03E18 - The Hero Air Date: 19 January 1963 01:30 -

Barney saves a baby's life when a runaway carriage rides by, but when he hands Fred the baby before the newspaper reporters and police arrive, Fred takes the credit. Fred then fights with his somewhat nasty conscience for taking credit as a hero, being Barney the real hero. After feeling guilty, he comes clean and confesses that Barney is the actual hero.

S03E19 - The Surprise Air Date: 26 January 1963 01:30 -

The title of this episode has nothing to do with the plot but the tail ending, when it's established that the Flintstones will be having a baby. The plot actually begins when Fred resents Barney spending so much time taking care of his nephew Marblehead to the point their friendship nearly ends a few times. Then at the end of the show Wilma informs Fred that they are now expecting their own child. Fred is surprisingly happy to hear it.

S03E20 - Mother-in-Law's Visit Air Date: 02 February 1963 01:30 -

Mother-in-law visits to help get Wilma ready for the new baby and Fred is miserable. Fred takes a job as a cab driver in disguise and makes all his money for a night driving his mother-in-law around and she finds out in the end and beats him up.

S03E21 - Foxy Grandma Air Date: 09 February 1963 01:30 -

After his mother-in-law leaves, Fred goes through three housekeepers and finally finds an elderly lady that he is happy with. This sweet old lady turns out to be bank robber Grandma Dynamite. In the end Fred's mother-in-law returns only to be mistaken for Grandma Dynamite.

S03E22 - Fred's New Job Air Date: 16 February 1963 01:30 -

Fred needs a raise in order to pay the expenses related to having a new baby arrive. He wants to ask the boss for a raise, but Mr. Slate puts on an act in front of Fred where he pretends to fire another employee for asking. Fred gets fired "for his own good" anyway after Barney dresses up as another employer and states that he wants to hire Fred for twice the money Mr. Slate is paying. Fred then goes through several jobs. After being unable to function at the quarry, Mr. Slate finds Fred and hires him back for a big raise.

S03E23 - The Blessed Event Air Date: 23 February 1963 01:30 -

In order to prepare for the new baby, Fred and Barney rehearse taking Wilma to the hospital. Then the real thing happens and Wilma gives birth to a baby girl and names her Pebbles.

S03E24 - Carry On, Nurse Fred Air Date: 02 March 1963 01:30 -

Fred has a tough time with the nurse that his mother-in-law sends (and as Fred says, resembles Mother in Law) to help Wilma with caring for the newborn baby, Pebbles. Fred fires her and takes over, but fails miserably. In the end, the nurse does return.

S03E25 - Ventriloquist Barney Air Date: 09 March 1963 01:30 -

Fred gets mad with Barney's ventriloquist joke he pulled on him that Pebbles could speak. Later, Barney comes over and calls a truce with him and he get himself and Fred tickets to a big wrestling match, so Fred calls a babysitter to watch Pebbles, but she comes over and parties instead of baby-sitting Pebbles. So Barney suggests that he and Fred sneak off with Pebbles to the big wrestling match that Wilma and Betty are watching on television.

S03E26 - The Big Move Air Date: 23 March 1963 01:30 -

Thinking Barney is a bad influence on Pebbles, Fred decides the Flintstones should move to a more elite neighborhood.

S03E27 - Swedish Visitors Air Date: 30 March 1963 01:30 -

Wilma borrows money from a bank account and in order to get it back, she rents the Flintstones' house to some Swedish musicians without Fred's knowledge while they take a camping trip. When Fred drives a sleeping Wilma and Pebbles back home, he finds the Swedish musicians there and he and Barney attempts to get rid of them.

S03E28 - The Birthday Party Air Date: 06 April 1963 01:30 -

Because she needs to prepare for the surprise party for Fred's birthday, Wilma asks Barney to drive Fred around all day. Things don't exactly go as planned after the two of them fall asleep.

The Flintstones Actors

Bea Benaderet(Betty Rubble)

Daws Butler(Dino)

Don Messick(Bamm-Bamm Rubble)

Jean Vander Pyl(Pebbles Flintstone)

Mel Blanc(Dino)

Alan Reed(Fred Flintstone)

Gerry Johnson(Betty Rubble)

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