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Join the fun in the town of Bedrock with the this fabulously famous modern Stone-Age family. Mowing the lawn with a saw-toothed dinosaur, showering with water sprayed from a woolly mammoth's trunk and eating brontosaurus burgers are everyday events for the lovable Fred and Wilma Flintstone and their friends Barney and Betty Rubble. Living in prehistoric times has its drawbacks, but the Flintstones and their neighbors survive in style. So have a yabba-dabba-doo time with the The Flintstones.

Genres: Comedy | Family | Science-Fiction
Station: ABC (US)
Rating: 7.33/10 from 3 users
Status: Ended
Start: 1960-09-30

The Flintstones Season 4 Air Dates

S04E01 - Ann-Margrock Presents Air Date: 20 September 1963 00:30 -

Ann-Margrock (special guest star Ann-Margret, providing her own voice) comes to town for a big concert and stays with the Flintstones, who do not know who she is. After a few tries Fred and Barney both get on the Ann-Margrock Show.

S04E02 - Gloom Groom Air Date: 27 September 1963 00:30 -

Arnold the paper boy continues to annoy Fred as he is playing with Pebbles. He jokes that they will get married when they grow up. Fred then has a bad dream that Arnold grows up, becomes the local hero, takes his job at the quarry, his pride as a pool player and bowler, his friendship with Barney, and of course, marries Pebbles.

S04E03 - Little Bamm-Bamm Air Date: 04 October 1963 00:30 -

Fred kicks Barney and Betty out of the Flintstones' home and they want a baby badly and wish upon a falling star and the next morning a baby boy is found in a basket on their door step. He was named Bamm Bamm and he turns out to be the strongest baby in the world. Barney and Betty then take steps to legally adopt him. After almost being turned down, they are given the baby.

S04E04 - Dino Disappears Air Date: 11 October 1963 00:30 -

Fred mistakenly forgets Dino's birthday, but gets gifts for Pebbles. Dino gets jealous and Fred drags Dino outside. The next day, Dino is missing. The Flintstones start crying when Dino means so much to them because he disappeared. Even Barney comes in and starts crying. Fred and Barney search for Dino, and they think he's been kidnapped by a man and according to the man, his name is "Rocky" and he is a stunt/dancing animal and they plan to get him back. Later at night, Fred and Barney takes "Rocky" and are chased by cops and they wind up in court and the real Dino pops up in court while being chased by dogcatchers and everything is back to normal, except Fred has to stay in Dino's doghouse after saying he'll sleep in his doghouse for a week if that Dino was not The Flintstones' right pet.

S04E05 - Fred's Monkeyshines Air Date: 18 October 1963 00:30 -

Fred gets eyeglasses and takes the wrong ones. He then mistakes a monkey for Pebbles at the circus. The teaser reverts to a preview on this episode.

S04E06 - The Flintstone Canaries Air Date: 25 October 1963 00:30 -

The barbershop quartet Fred organizes to advertise "Soft Soap" is a bathtub quartet, because Barney can carry a tune only when he's in the tub.

S04E07 - Glue for Two Air Date: 01 November 1963 01:30 -

Fred and Barney get glued together on Barney's new bowling ball and they have a tough time getting unglued when Fred invents strong super glue. The teaser reverts to a preview of the episode.

S04E08 - Big League Freddie Air Date: 08 November 1963 01:30 -

Fred tries out for a Major League Baseball team. Fred is injured during his tryout while his friend Roger Marble (an animated caricature of Roger Maris) takes over for him. When Roger is picked, he is mistaken for Fred who after much pressure comes clean.

S04E09 - Old Lady Betty Air Date: 15 November 1963 01:30 -

Betty gets a part-time job to earn money enough to get Barney a rocking chair. She runs errands for someone who she thinks is an elderly lady. So Betty disguises herself as an elderly lady as well with Wilma's help. The elderly lady, however is actually a counterfeiter gun moll named Greta Gravel and sends Betty to the store to buy small purchases with fake 100 dollar bills in order to get authentic money. Fred, Barney, and Wilma find out and help Betty get the counterfeiters captured.

S04E10 - Sleep On, Sweet Fred Air Date: 22 November 1963 01:30 -

Betty and Wilma learn from a talk show that if they whisper to their husbands while they are sleeping, they can work their will on them with the boys never suspecting a thing. The trick works like a charm on both Barney and Fred, who now accompany their wives uncomplainingly on trips shopping and to the beauty salon, among other things. Then Fred, while awake, overhears the girls talking about what they've been up to, and he comes up with the perfect way both to get even with the girls and to nip in the bud their latest effort: to get the boys to buy them mink coats.

S04E11 - Kleptomaniac Pebbles Air Date: 29 November 1963 01:30 -

Pebbles quietly takes things from various stores. But at a jewelry store, Baffles Gravel alias "Lightfingers Leo" a real thief plants a diamond necklace in Pebbles' carriage and Fred thinks Pebbles stole that as well.

S04E12 - Daddy's Little Beauty Air Date: 06 December 1963 01:30 -

Fred believes he enters Pebbles in a beauty contest for babies when he actually enters her in a beauty contest for young women. He decides to hide it from Wilma after she refuses to allow Pebbles to enter a beauty contest, and tries to sneak her into the beauty contest without Wilma knowing.

S04E13 - Daddies Anonymous Air Date: 13 December 1963 01:30 -

In order to get out of doing weekend housework, Fred and Barney begin taking Pebbles and Bamm Bamm for many walks. They eventually join a club playing cards and partying all day on weekends while bringing the babies along.

S04E14 - Peek-a-Boo Camera Air Date: 20 December 1963 01:30 -

Fred, Barney, Betty, and Wilma all enjoy a television show calledPeek-A-Boo Camera. Fred and Barney attend a friend's bachelor party, telling the wives that their friend is near death and they are seeing him for the last time. The bachelor party winds up being televised forPeek-A-Boo Camera. When Fred and Barney find out, they try to have their scene cut out so their wives don't see them.

S04E15 - Once Upon a Coward Air Date: 27 December 1963 01:30 -

When Fred gets mugged, he starts to think Wilma believes he is a coward. To try to make Wilma think he's not a coward, Fred plots to nab the mugger.

S04E16 - Ten Little Flintstones Air Date: 03 January 1964 01:30 -

Invaders from outer space make ten robots that look like Fred. These ten look-alikes begin to wreak havoc on Fred, his family, friends, and even his job.

S04E17 - Fred el Terrifico Air Date: 10 January 1964 01:30 -

Fred, Wilma, Betty, and Barney take a trip to Rockapulco, where jewel thieves pretend to befriend Fred in order to frame him for stealing more jewels while in Mexico.

S04E18 - The Bedrock Hillbillies Air Date: 17 January 1964 01:30 -

The Hatrocks become depressed after they think the last of the Flintstones, whom they have been in a feud with for the last several hundred years, has died. They soon discover that one Flintstone family – Fred's – is still living. They send a fake will to get the Flintstones to come up and visit. When up at the Flintstone family cabin, the Hatrocks begin to feud with them to no end.

S04E19 - Flintstone and the Lion Air Date: 24 January 1964 01:30 -

On a fishing trip, Fred finds what he thinks is a kitten. He takes the kitten home as a pet- which soon grows into a lion – and Fred must try to find a way to get rid of the lion, before it eats them out of house and home.

S04E20 - Cave Scout Jamboree Air Date: 31 January 1964 01:30 -

Fred causes a flood at work and is laid off for a week. He decides to take his family and The Rubbles on a camping trip, where a bunch of cave scouts from all around the world are holding a jamboree.

S04E21 - Room for Two Air Date: 07 February 1964 01:30 -

Fred and Barney build a new room onto Fred's house. After a fight, Barney discovers that the room is half onhisproperty. As a result, they have to share the room and their fighting continues.

S04E22 - Ladies Night at the Lodge Air Date: 14 February 1964 01:30 -

Wilma and Betty are curious about what goes on at Fred and Barney's Water Buffalo Lodge meetings so they sneak in wearing disguises as men.

S04E23 - Reel Trouble Air Date: 21 February 1964 01:30 -

Fred gets into all kinds of trouble when he becomes addicted to taking home movies of Pebbles with his movie camera and showing them to his friends.

S04E24 - Son of Rockzilla Air Date: 28 February 1964 01:30 -

Fred happens to be passing by a producer who is looking for a gimic to promote his upcoming film 'Son of Rockzilla', Fred then creates havoc dressed as a movie monster.

S04E25 - Bachelor Daze Air Date: 06 March 1964 01:30 -

Fred and Barney reminisce about how they met Wilma and Betty back when they were working at a hotel.

S04E26 - Operation Switchover Air Date: 13 March 1964 01:30 -

Fred and Wilma trade roles and Fred must clean the house and make appetizers when visitors come to inspect the house for a contest that Wilma has entered.

The Flintstones Actors

Bea Benaderet(Betty Rubble)

Daws Butler(Dino)

Don Messick(Bamm-Bamm Rubble)

Jean Vander Pyl(Pebbles Flintstone)

Mel Blanc(Dino)

Alan Reed(Fred Flintstone)

Gerry Johnson(Betty Rubble)

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