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60 Minutes has been on the air since 1968, beginning on a Tuesday, but spending most of its time on Sundays, where it remains today. This popular news magazine provides both hard hitting investigations, interviews and features, along with people in the news and current events. 60 Minutes has set unprecedented records in the Nielsen's ratings with a number 1 rating, five times, making it among the most successful TV programs in all of television history. This series has won more Emmy awards than any other news program and in 2003, Don Hewitt, the creator (back in 1968), was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Emmy, along with the 60 Minute correspondents. Added to the 11 Peabody awards, this phenomenally long-lived series has collected 78 awards up to the 2005 season and remains among the viewers top choice for news magazine features.

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Start: 1968-09-24

60 Minutes Season 49 Air Dates

S49E01 - The King | The New Cold War | The Picasso Portfolio Air Date: 25 September 2016 23:30 -

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The King - King Abdullah II of Jordan tells Scott Pelley Syrian refugees are overwhelming his kingdom, making such an impact on its institutions and economy that the country is now in "dire straits." The king speaks to Pelley about the refugee crisis, radical Islam, the Syrian civil war and ISIS.

The New Cold War - The threat of all-out nuclear war may still be remote, but the risk of a nuclear attack somewhere in the world has actually increased.

The Picasso Portfolio - When an elderly couple from a small village in France produced a portfolio of 271 never-before-seen Picasso pieces estimated to be worth as much as $100 million, it was cause for shock and awe in the art world and more than a little consternation from the artist's heirs.

S49E02 - The Artic Frontier | Don't Mess with Mary Quin | Nate Parker Air Date: 02 October 2016 23:00 -

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The Artic Frontier - Lesley Stahl goes to the top of the world where the next battle over oil and mineral resources is shaping up as the region becomes more accessible due to climate change.

Don't Mess with Mary Quin - After narrowly surviving being held hostage, former-Xerox exec Mary Quin tells 60 Minutes how she brought a radical British cleric to justice for his role in the kidnapping.

Nate Parker - Hollywood filmmaker Nate Parker will not apologize for the rape case he became embroiled in at college 17 years ago because, he tells Anderson Cooper, he was falsely accused and then vindicated in court. He also says it would be unfortunate if people stayed away from his new historical epic based on Nat Turner's slave rebellion because of the incident. Parker's film, "The Birth of a Nation," had generated a huge amount of Oscar buzz until an uproar grew over the incident and it became widely known the woman who accused him killed herself in 2012.

S49E03 - Breaking Good | Artificial Intelligence | Gorilla Doctors Air Date: 09 October 2016 23:30 -

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Breaking Good - After decades in Hollywood, actor Bryan Cranston didn't find fame until his fifties -- thanks to the hit show Breaking Bad. Now, he tells Steve Kroft he's seizing the moment.

Artificial Intelligence - It might not be long before machines begin thinking for themselves -- creatively, independently, and sometimes with better judgment than a human.

Gorilla Doctors - When the first Gorilla Doctor began helping mountain gorillas, the species was almost extinct. Today, they're the only population of great apes that's growing.

S49E04 - Finding Refuge | The Brothers Rosenberg Air Date: 16 October 2016 23:00 -

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Finding Refuge - Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson says "thorough" refugee vetting process has been augmented with social media searches.

The Brothers Rosenberg - The sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg tell Anderson Cooper what it was like to be the children of infamous Communist spies during the McCarthy era, in a story that sheds new light on one of the most dramatic espionage cases of the Cold War -- the execution of a husband and wife, leaving their two little boys orphans.

S49E05 - Ask Ohio | Thrown for a Loss | The Influncers Air Date: 23 October 2016 23:30 -

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Ask Ohio - Candidates who win this state have won the presidency in every election since 1964, but with Election Day around the corner, Scott Pelley finds a state divided.

Thrown for a Loss - Jeff Rubin says he wishes he never set foot in Alabama. That's where a risky investment he made went bust, losing several NFL players a total of $43 million. The disgraced financial adviser gives his first interview to 60 Minutes about a debacle that became the largest financial loss ever for NFL players at the hands of one investment adviser. Armen Keteyian speaks to Rubin and some of the NFL players caught up in his bad deal on 60 Minutes.

The Influncers - Imagine shooting goofy videos with your friends, posting them online and getting paid six figures. That's exactly what many twenty-somethings with large social media following are doing. They're called social media influencers, and they've become a new force in advertising. Bill Whitaker reports on this new advertising phenomenon on the next edition of 60 Minutes.

S49E06 - In God's Name | The Pot Vote | The Music of Zomba Prison Air Date: 30 October 2016 23:00 -

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In God's Name - An American leader of an ISIS cell tells Scott Pelley how videos of the dead Anwar al-Awlaki persuaded him to recruit for ISIS on American soil. A 21-year-old Minneapolis man pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide material support (fighters) to ISIS tells Scott Pelley how he was radicalized by the Internet videos of the dead American al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Speaking in his first interview, Abdirizak Warsame takes responsibility for his actions and the blame for the deaths of friends he helped send to fight in Syria.

The Pot Vote - Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado, where recreational pot is legal, urges caution to states voting on it because there's not enough data. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper urges caution to the five states voting on legalizing recreational pot next month. There still isn't enough reliable information on the drug's impact, especially on drivers and teenagers, he tells Dr. Jon LaPook. Dr. LaPook went to Pueblo, Colorado -- a town where pot is produced and sold.

The Music of Zomba Prison - Beautiful music created by inmates and their guards offers happiness and hope behind prison walls. Anderson Cooper's report from Malawi, Africa.

S49E07 - The Zika Virus | The Battle for Mosul | The National Mood Air Date: 07 November 2016 00:30 -

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The Zika Virus: One of the world's most frightening viruses has reached the U.S. Dr. Jon LaPook speaks with the country's top scientists about the fight against Zika.

The Battle for Mosul: After more than two years of ISIS occupation, Iraq's second-largest city is being taken back by the Iraqi Army. Lara Logan reports from Mosul.

The National Mood: In two days, American voters will send a president to the White House, but both the leading candidates have the highest disapproval ratings in U.S. history.

S49E08 - The 45th President Air Date: 14 November 2016 00:00 -

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President-elect Donald Trump's hard-line immigration stance was a central part of his campaign message in 2016 -- and he said in an interview airing Sunday that he plans to immediately deport approximately two to three million undocumented immigrants. Asked whether he really plans to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border -- a proposal that served as a centerpiece of his campaign message -- Trump replied, "Yes."

Since Trump's election on Tuesday night, the realities of actually building that wall have begun to set in. The Mexican government has publicly reminded him that Mexico will not pay for the wall. And asked about the wall, Trump transition co-chair Newt Gingrich said the wall was "a great campaign device." Trump also told "60 Minutes" that the border wall, which was one of the centerpieces of his campaign platform, could be part wall and "some fencing," in accordance with what congressional Republicans have proposed.

S49E09 - The Match of their Lives | Turkey | Bruno Mars Air Date: 21 November 2016 00:30 -

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The Match of their Lives: Players on the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team are fighting the U.S. Soccer Federation over wages and treatment they say are not commensurate with their male counterparts.

Turkey: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey speaks with 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft about tensions and anti-Americanism in his country, a NATO ally vital to projecting U.S. military power.

Bruno Mars: He's been broke, busted and nearly homeless. Now, as 60 Minutes' Lara Logan reports, he's on top of the music world.

S49E10 - The Prime Minister | The Alzheimer's Laboratory Air Date: 28 November 2016 00:30 -

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The Prime Minister : Italy's prime minister, Matteo Renzi, tells Charlie Rose his country is not "only a museum" stuck in the past, as he tries to radically change its future.

The Alzheimer's Laboratory : An extended family in Colombia with a genetic mutation causing Alzheimer's may help scientists prevent the disease someday. Lesley Stahl reports on the groundbreaking study.

S49E11 - The Speaker of the House | The Golden Triangle | Drive-by Lawsuits Air Date: 05 December 2016 00:00 -

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The Speaker of the House - At odds during campaign, House Speaker Paul Ryan and President-elect Donald Trump are "fine" now and talk almost daily, Ryan tells Scott Pelley. The speaker of the House tells Scott Pelley he and President-elect Donald Trump have made up and speak on the phone nearly every day. On the campaign trail, the two were at odds. Speaker Ryan had called one of Trump's statements racist and Trump dismissed him as ineffective and disloyal, but Ryan says the two are not looking back and are already working together.

The Golden Triangle - Job training and tax incentives are key to this economic developer's successful strategy to revive manufacturing jobs in Mississippi. Joe Max Higgins has attracted about 6,000 manufacturing jobs back to an area of Mississippi that lost thousands of them since the 1990s. He's done it by aggressively pursuing corporations with tax breaks, ready-to-build sites and other incentives. But a critical element of his strategy is to provide a jobs ready workforce trained in the "advanced manufacturing" skills new factories require.

Drive-by Lawsuits - The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that every private business in the U.S. make their space accessible to disabled people. Some lawyers are filing thousands of lawsuits against businesses that often have no idea they've done anything wrong.

S49E12 - The New Columbia | Lost | Benjamin Netanyahu Air Date: 12 December 2016 00:00 -

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The New Columbia - Power of advertising proven in Colombian campaign that helped bring rebels out of the jungle after 52 years of civil war. Given the chance to sell peace, rather than a breakfast cereal or a bottle of spirits, a Colombian ad executive stepped up with ideas that persuaded rebels to lay down arms and eventually end a 50-year civil war. Lara Logan talks to that ad man in her report about a transformation in Colombia that could not have been achieved without ending the country's long civil war.

Lost - Man who inspired the film "Lion," talks about the mental map that enabled him to track down the mother he lost when he was 5 years old. The incredible lost-and-found story of Saroo Brierley has inspired the new Hollywood film "Lion" -- a movie critics are saying has Oscar potential. But the real events are just as thrilling as the drama on screen. Brierley says he was separated from his birth mother when he was five years old and locked on a train that took him 1,000 miles across India to Calcutta. Once there, he says he survived by himself on the city's chaotic streets for weeks until he wound up in an orphanage and was adopted by an Australian couple. For the first time on American television, Brierley explains how he found his way back to his Indian village using Google Earth and a mental map of home.

Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells 60 Minutes Israel has never been in a better place; part of his optimism relates to the election of Trump.

S49E13 - The White Helmets | The Pope's Choir | Denzel Air Date: 19 December 2016 00:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The Syrian Civil Defense; members and maestro of the pope's choir; actor Denzel Washington.

S49E14 - Crisis in Chicago | The Rum War | Passports for Sale Air Date: 02 January 2017 00:30 -

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Crisis in Chicago - Chicago experienced more gun violence than New York and Los Angeles combined in 2016. Yet, a 60 Minutes investigation reveals a decline in police activity. Chicago ends 2016 with more than 700 murders and over 4,000 people shot – the worst bloodshed the city has seen in 18 years. Data obtained by 60 Minutes shows that while gun violence spiked, police activity dropped in all of Chicago's 25 police districts.

The Rum War - It's a story 60 Minutes reports from Cuba, where a longtime feud has roots to the Cuban Revolution. Who makes the real Havana Club Rum? Who should own the right to sell the liquor under the famous Havana Club brand name? Two companies are currently selling rum under the same name and for years have been battling it out in court for the right to the legendary brand. It's a story Sharyn Alfonsi goes to report in Cuba, where the longtime feud traces its roots to the Cuban Revolution.

Passports for Sale - Steve Kroft reports on how small cash-starved countries, such as the island nations of Antigua and Dominica, offer citizenship for a price, creating ways to ease travel for international citizens, including those running from the law.

S49E15 - The Coming Swarm | The Hostage Policy | The Hunt for Planet Nine, Air Date: 09 January 2017 00:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The Coming Swarm - Autonomous drones are being called the biggest thing in military technology since the nuclear bomb. David Martin reports.

The Hostage Policy - Lesley Stahl speaks to a counterterrorism adviser who admits U.S. failures in dealing with hostages, and to the parents of Steven Sotloff, a journalist who was kidnapped and killed by ISIS.

The Hunt for Planet Nine - At the farthest edges of our solar system, scientists have found evidence of a ninth planet. Bill Whitaker reports.

S49E16 - 60 Minutes: Barack Obama: Eight Years in the White House Air Date: 16 January 2017 00:00 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

President Barack Obama discusses his two-term legacy, current key issues and President-elect Donald Trump; highlights of Obama's past interviews.

S49E17 - TBA Air Date: 30 January 2017 00:00 -

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