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60 Minutes has been on the air since 1968, beginning on a Tuesday, but spending most of its time on Sundays, where it remains today. This popular news magazine provides both hard hitting investigations, interviews and features, along with people in the news and current events. 60 Minutes has set unprecedented records in the Nielsen's ratings with a number 1 rating, five times, making it among the most successful TV programs in all of television history. This series has won more Emmy awards than any other news program and in 2003, Don Hewitt, the creator (back in 1968), was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Emmy, along with the 60 Minute correspondents. Added to the 11 Peabody awards, this phenomenally long-lived series has collected 78 awards up to the 2005 season and remains among the viewers top choice for news magazine features.

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Start: 1968-09-24

60 Minutes Season 54 Air Dates

S54E01 - 9.11 the FDNY Air Date: 12 September 2021 23:00 -

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While the nation remembers the terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans 20 years ago, New York City firefighters, sent to rescue victims at the World Trade Center who survived, will relive a life-changing experience that's now a part of who they are. "It's a day that will never leave you," Fire Department of New York Commissioner Dan Nigro tells Scott Pelley. Nigro and other firefighters at Ground Zero, many of whom fill the top ranks of the FDNY, recall the men, their sacrifices, and the tragedy of losing 343 of their colleagues on the 54th Season Premiere of 60 MINUTES. This one segment runs the full hour.

S54E02 - Take the Fight to the Night | Rep. Liz Cheney | King of the Deep Air Date: 26 September 2021 23:00 -

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Take the Fight to the Night – California firefighters battling some of the worst wildfires in state history have a new weapon: a fleet of high-tech helicopters – including the heavy-duty Chinook that carries ten times the water other helicopters can. They can fight the blazes at night, too. "A game-changer," says one fire chief. Bill Whitaker reports. 

Rep. Liz Cheney – Lesley Stahl profiles the Wyoming congresswoman whose criticism of Donald Trump has put her at odds with many of her own constituents and jeopardizes her re-election to the House. 

King of the Deep – When Alexey Molchanov broke his latest world record diving to 430 feet using one breath, 60 Minutes was there to capture the feat. Sharyn Alfonsi reports on the extreme sport of freediving and its king, a man making a name for himself and his sport. 

S54E03 - The Facebook Whistleblower | Unforgiven | The Final Act Air Date: 03 October 2021 23:00 -

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The Facebook Whistleblower – A former Facebook employee says tens of thousands of pages of internal company research she has provided to the Securities and Exchange Commission and investors prove Facebook is lying to the public and investors about the effectiveness of its campaigns to eradicate hate, violence, and misinformation from its platforms. That former employee reveals her identity and speaks her mind with Scott Pelley. 

Unforgiven – The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program was meant to wipe clean students' loan debts in return for a decade of public service. In theory, many military borrowers could benefit from this. But in practice, it hasn't panned out that way. Lesley Stahl talks to a group of military lawyers who had accrued law school debt and hoped for relief in exchange for their service but say they got lost in a maze of rigid rules and red tape. 

The Final Act – Tony Bennett has Alzheimer's disease. It's taken a toll on his memory, and the 95-year-old singer has trouble holding a conversation. But when the music comes on, the legendary crooner is able to break through the fog to find his voice again. Anderson Cooper and 60 MINUTES cameras were at a final performance he gave with Lady Gaga to capture the moment.

S54E04 - Deepfakes | 1,000 Children | Deep Springs Air Date: 10 October 2021 23:00 -

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Deepfakes – Bill Whitaker reports on the use of artificial intelligence to create deepfakes, a rapidly improving technology some experts say in the years to come will give anyone the ability to create special effects like a Hollywood studio. 

1,000 Children – At least a thousand children taken from parents at the U.S. border three years ago remain separated, despite the seven-month effort by a U.S. government task force to reunify them. Sharyn Alfonsi speaks to the head of the task force and a family separated for four years. 

Deep Springs – Around two dozen of the world's brightest attend Deep Springs College, miles from the nearest town in the California desert, where students shoulder the responsibilities and challenges of life on a working ranch in addition to a full roster of academic work. Jon Wertheim reports.

S54E05 - Robert Gates | The Green River Drift | Whither Ye Olde English Pub Air Date: 17 October 2021 23:00 -

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Robert Gates - Few have served in as many security and intelligence positions and for so many presidents as Robert Gates. The former defense secretary during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq speaks to Anderson Cooper about several issues, including the Afghan pullout, the use of American military in foreign countries, and the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol. 

The Green River Drift  – 60 MINUTES cameras cover the longest-running cattle drive in America, begun 125 years ago and carried on today by the descendants of the original drivers. Bill Whitaker reports from Wyoming. 

Whither Ye Olde English Pub – The pandemic forced most English pubs to close for more than a year. The number of pubs was already in decline, and many wondered if COVID-19 would be their final death blow. When pubs re-opened last summer, Jon Wertheim toured these bastions of English culture to see what their future may look like. 

S54E06 - Prince V. Spy | Running Dry | Michael Keaton Air Date: 24 October 2021 23:00 -

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Prince V. Spy – A former top intelligence official in the Saudi Arabian government says the kingdom's ruler, Mohammed bin Salman, plotted to kill him and has taken his children hostage. Saad Aljabri speaks to Scott Pelley in his first interview. 

Running Dry – Colorado River water levels have dropped so low that the federal government, for the first time, declared an official shortage of the precious resource. As Bill Whitaker reports, resulting water cuts will hit Arizona hard. But the health of the river is a concern for 40 million people in the West, including Native American tribes and farmers who grow 90 percent of America's winter greens. 

Michael Keaton – The versatile actor has impressed audiences and critics for four decades. From Beetlejuice to Batman and Birdman, his films have grossed billions. Michael Keaton speaks to Jon Wertheim about his craft, his career, and his latest role as a rural doctor in a town overwhelmed by Oxycontin. 

S54E07 - Democracy Lost | A New Model | The Future Of Sapiens Air Date: 31 October 2021 23:00 -

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Democracy Lost – Once considered a revolutionary, Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega has changed laws, silenced the media, and jailed his political opponents in his efforts to cling to power in the Central American country. Sharyn Alfonsi reports. 

A New Model – Lesley Stahl reports on a non-profit architectural firm called MASS (Model of Architecture Serving Society), whose work in countries like Rwanda is influencing new architectural concepts here in the U.S.

The Future Of Sapiens The future could see the world's human data, delivered through the rising power and reach of artificial intelligence, in the hands of a powerful few a recipe for a dystopian tomorrow populated by "hacked humans," says Yuval Noah Harari. Anderson Cooper interviews the world-renowned author.

S54E08 - Missouri's New Gun Law | The Longest-Running Oil Spill | Carnegie Heroes Air Date: 08 November 2021 00:00 -

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Missouri's New Gun Law – Missouri's new Second Amendment Preservation Act, meant to protect the rights of gun owners, is impeding the fight against violent crime, local law enforcement officials say. Norah O'Donnell reports. 

The Longest-Running Oil Spill – Jon Wertheim reports how the U.S. Coast Guard, with help from a Louisiana engineering firm, contained the longest-running oil spill in U.S. history, despite legal pushbacks from the oil rigs' owner. 

Carnegie Heroes – They are people rewarded for heroic, life-saving acts done despite the danger to themselves, by a 117-year-old foundation endowed by the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. But are heroes made or born? Scott Pelley reports. 

S54E09 - Freight Expectations | Andrew Sullivan | The Get Back Sessions Air Date: 15 November 2021 00:00 -

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Freight Expectations – Millions of dollars' worth of goods that Americans have ordered are stuck on giant cargo ships, waiting for a place to dock at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. It's an epic logjam that threatens to derail the holiday season. Bill Whitaker reports from the ground zero of the supply chain crunch, where cargo from Asia has been piling up in record amounts at the docks. 

Andrew Sullivan – The British American conservative author and editor warns America's democracy is endangered because today's citizens cannot separate politics from life. Scott Pelley reports. 

The Get Back Sessions  Rock music's greatest divorce, the breakup of the Beatles in 1970, was always associated with the film and album "Let It Be." Half a century later, dozens of hours of that film left on the cutting room floor tell a different story. 60 MINUTES will show some of it for the first time, revealing an intimacy and creative bond between the four musicians that belies the long-held narrative. Jon Wertheim reports.

S54E10 - Reimagining Police | Supersonic | Caligula's Gardens Air Date: 22 November 2021 00:00 -

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Reimagining Police – Scott Pelley reports from Austin, Texas, one of several U.S. cities experimenting with a new way of policing in which trained civilians, such as mental health clinicians, are responding to calls once answered by armed officers. 

Supersonic – Could commercial supersonic flights make a comeback? Several start-up companies think so, and NASA thinks it can solve one of the problems that grounded supersonic planes the last time around: the "sonic booms" that break windows and rattle nerves. Bill Whitaker reports. 

Caligula's Gardens – The gardens of the Roman Emperor Caligula have been discovered and excavated, and some of the most remarkable finds are now on display for the first time. How does this affect scholarly efforts to take a new look at the emperor and whether he was as cruel and depraved as he's been made out to be? Anderson Cooper reports from Rome. 

S54E11 - Hazing | Saving The Mountain Gorillas| Rita Moreno Air Date: 29 November 2021 00:00 -

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Hazing – The parents of a 19-year-old freshman who died of alcohol poisoning while pledging a fraternity blame the fraternity, its national office, and Washington State University for the death of their son. Anderson Cooper reports. 

Saving The Mountain Gorillas – Lesley Stahl reports from Rwanda where mountain gorillas, once headed for extinction, are now on the rise, attracting well-heeled tourists and boosting the local economy. 

Rita Moreno – The much-honored singer, dancer, and actor Rita Moreno is still working her craft at age 89, starring in the new version of the Oscar-winning film she starred in decades ago, "West Side Story." Bill Whitaker reports. 

S54E12 - Reality Winner | China's Next Revolution? | Gucci Air Date: 06 December 2021 00:00 -

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Reality Winner: Reality Winner, a former NSA contractor/linguist, tells Scott Pelley she leaked classified documents to the media to honor her pledge of service to the American people. This is her first television interview since being released from a four-year prison term, the longest sentence ever imposed on a civilian for leaking classified information to the media.

China's Next Revolution?: Is President Xi Jinping undoing capitalism in China? In the last 40 years, China has become the only global economy to rival the U.S. But President Xi is cracking down on some of the private sectors, companies, and individuals that led to the country's prosperity. Lesley Stahl reports. 

Gucci: Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele tells Sharyn Alfonsi about his provocative designs, why he likes ugly things, and how he introduced "beautiful strangeness" into the Gucci brand.

S54E13 - Negotiating with the Taliban | Let There Be Light | An Island Off an Island Air Date: 13 December 2021 00:00 -

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Negotiating with the Taliban – When the U.S. military pulled out of Afghanistan in August, the Taliban immediately seized control. The international community acted quickly – freezing Afghan assets and foreign aid to pressure the Taliban to negotiate. To date, those negotiations haven't happened. Today, 38 million Afghans find themselves facing one of the worst humanitarian crises on the planet. Sharyn Alfonsi traveled to Afghanistan to discuss the crisis with one of the new Taliban ministers, talk with suffering families and meet with the humanitarian groups left to pick up the pieces and negotiate with the Taliban to avert a global catastrophe. 

Let There Be Light – NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is the world's most expensive scientific instrument ever launched into space. At $10 billion, this complex and powerful telescope will explore distant exoplanets and see near to the beginning of time itself. Before its planned launch later this month, Scott Pelley gets an inside look at NASA's flagship space telescope. What mysteries will it help humanity unravel? And what could go wrong? 

An Island Off an Island – Jon Wertheim ventures to a 90-square mile jewel of land off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Fogo Island's population was decimated when its only industry, cod fishing, went into steep decline. Now, an eighth-generation Fogo Islander has returned home with deep pockets and a plan to bring the place and its people back

S54E14 - "The Beast" | America's Dirty Secret | Trevor Noah Air Date: 20 December 2021 00:00 -

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"The Beast" – Scott Pelley reports on the new science of superstorms. What spawned one of the most devastating swarms of tornadoes ever to tear through the United States? Pelley reports from Kentucky, where more than 70 people were killed last weekend and billions of dollars in losses occurred. 

America's Dirty Secret – Bill Whitaker reports from Alabama's Black Belt, ground zero in an unseen public health epidemic: by some estimates, half the impoverished, rural residents in Lowndes County have raw sewage spilling into their yards and even their homes. Sanitary wastewater disposal is required by the state but not provided to residents outside small towns, leaving many living in the countryside who can't afford it with no sewage systems at all. Whitaker speaks with families battling conditions you'd never expect to see in the heart of America and meets one advocate who hopes to expose what she calls "America's dirty secret." 

Trevor Noah – Trevor Noah is an unstoppable comedic force. As host of "The Daily Show," he has attracted widespread and sometimes viral attention for his heartfelt and cutting social commentary. Forbes ranked him the fourth-highest-earning comedian, and Time named him one of its 100 most influential people. Lesley Stahl interviews Noah, currently on the road with his latest comedy tour. 

S54E15 - Weather and Wine | Drawing Truth to Power Air Date: 27 December 2021 00:00 -

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Weather and Wine – Scientists say climate change is altering the world's prime wine-growing regions. Extreme weather episodes like unusual heat and damaging frosts are upending the practices and economics of winemaking, and in some cases, changing the taste of the wine itself – from Napa Valley to Spain, Italy, and France. But the rising temperatures have also had other unforeseen effects, like in Great Britain, where the warming weather has been a boon to England's wine industry. Lesley Stahl traveled to France and Great Britain to document the impact of climate change on the great wine regions of the world. This is a two-part story. 

Drawing Truth to Power – Badiucao, China's foremost political cartoonist and street artist, uses his pointed drawings to poke at Chinese President Xi Jinping and his authoritarian regime in public ways. He is best known for plastering large posters of his cartoons on walls all over Australia and Europe and online, such as a depiction of President Xi hunting for Winnie the Pooh after China censored images of the Disney character when an internet meme compared Xi's appearance to Pooh. His drawings go viral worldwide after he posts them on social media, and he has predictably drawn the ire of the Chinese government. Now exiled in Australia, Badiucao, not his real name, was forced to use colorful ski masks to disguise his identity for years. Jon Wertheim interviews China's artful dissident unmasked Sunday in this episode.

S54E16 - The Big Quit | One Small Step | The Kicker Air Date: 10 January 2022 00:00 -

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The Big Quit – As employers try to fill millions of open positions – for everything from restaurant dishwasher to software engineer – workers who have jobs are leaving them. People are quitting jobs at an unprecedented rate, and some are simply taking a "time out" from work entirely. Many are calling it "The Great Resignation," but few have been able to explain what's behind it. Bill Whitaker gets answers from the chief economist at the huge jobs site LinkedIn, who says that we are amid a historic shift in people's attitudes toward and expectations from their jobs. 

One Small Step – Norah O'Donnell interviews Dave Isay, the founder of StoryCorps, an oral history project he started 18 years ago that has become the largest single collection of human voices ever recorded. Isay's new project, "One Small Step," is designed to get Americans from across the political spectrum to stop demonizing each other and start communicating, face to face, one conversation at a time. 

The Kicker – Jon Wertheim reports on the NFL's great secret hiding in plain sight: the kicker. Kickers score about one-third of the points in the league but only get a small fraction of the respect. Wertheim interviews Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, who is on a trajectory to go down as perhaps the greatest NFL kicker there ever was. Wertheim speaks with other current and former kickers about how unique the position is and the immense pressure that comes with the job. 

S54E17 - The Betrayal | Chris Stapleton Air Date: 17 January 2022 00:00 -

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The Betrayal – 60 MINUTES reveals new findings from an unprecedented investigation into the seven-decade-old mystery of how the Nazis discovered Anne Frank, her family, and four others hiding in an Amsterdam annex. Otto Frank, Anne's father, the only family member to survive the Holocaust, returned from Auschwitz with a question: Who betrayed their hiding place to the Nazis? Two inquiries by the Dutch police and decades of research have resulted in theories but no definitive answers. In 2016 a team of investigators and researchers, led by former FBI agent Vince Pankoke, launched a new effort to crack this cold case using modern investigative techniques and technology. Jon Wertheim speaks with Pankoke and others on the team about their groundbreaking approach to this stubborn question, revealing their prime suspect. This is a two-part report. 

Chris Stapleton – His contemporaries will tell you he's among the best country music has these days. Kentucky-bred Chris Stapleton is a triple-threat: a powerfully gifted singer, prolific songwriter, and skilled guitar player. His talents have connected with music fans across generations and genres. Sharyn Alfonsi traveled to Nashville, where Stapleton performed at the Bridgestone Arena and showed 60 MINUTES around town and inside his rehearsal space filled with artifacts and awards. Alfonsi also interviewed Stapleton and his wife and bandmate, Morgane, about their life together and making country music. 

S54E18 - Death In Training | Breaking Point | Canada's Unmarked Graves Air Date: 07 February 2022 00:00 -

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Death In Training – Lesley Stahl investigates accidents involving military armored vehicles during training. 60 MINUTES found that more service members were killed in training accidents than in combat in recent years, and a large percentage of those accidents involved military vehicles: from Humvees to light armored vehicles to AAVs. Stahl reports on the causes and potential solutions. She speaks with parents who lost children in such accidents, a soldier who lost a limb in a rollover, and a company trying to prevent these incidents from happening. 

Breaking Point – Sharyn Alfonsi reports from Louisville, Ky., how record COVID-19 hospitalizations and critical staff shortages threaten the American health system just as 70 million aging Baby Boomers begin to require more care. 

Canada's Unmarked Graves – Last year, when archaeologists detected what they believed to be 200 unmarked graves at an old school in Canada, it brought new attention to one of the most shameful chapters of that nation's history. Anderson Cooper reports on the residential schools of Canada, where more than 150,000 indigenous children were sent after being forcibly removed from their communities. 

S54E19 - The Front | Targeting Americans Air Date: 21 February 2022 00:00 -

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The Front – Lesley Stahl talks to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba to discuss escalating tensions between his country and Russia and what is at stake for the Biden administration and NATO. 

Targeting Americans – For the past six years, U.S. diplomats stationed in foreign countries have been reporting a series of neurological symptoms, now known as "Havana Syndrome." Scott Pelley reveals new reports of incidents on U.S. soil in a two-part story airing Sunday. High-ranking Homeland Security officials in the Trump administration say they were overcome with feelings of vertigo, confusion, and memory loss while on White House grounds and in their Washington, D.C.-area homes. The incidents and symptoms they describe are similar to the "Havana Syndrome" reported by American diplomats in foreign countries since 2016. The officials spoke to Pelley for Sunday's report. Other stories of officials being stricken were corroborated by former national security adviser John Bolton, who fears there is a threat to the highest levels of the U.S. government. New CIA director William Burns tells Pelley why it has been difficult finding answers.

S54E20 - Headlines From Ukraine | The Grid | Wrongful Detainees | Headlines, Deadlines, Bottom Lines Air Date: 28 February 2022 00:00 -

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Headlines From Ukraine – Holly Williams reports the latest from Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion.

The Grid – As tensions with Russia intensify, Bill Whitaker investigates threats to the U.S. electric grid. Extreme weather, cyber-attacks, sabotage, and physical assaults have taken down parts of the grid. The Department of Homeland Security recentlyissued two urgent warnings to utilities to brace for potential cyber-attacks from Russia if it invaded Ukraine and from home-grown extremists too, citing specific plans by white supremacists to attack U.S. substations physically. Many plots trace back to a still-unsolved physical attack near San Jose, Calif., in 2013. 

Wrongful Detainees – Lesley Stahl reports on Americans unjustly imprisoned abroad, held by foreign governments with whom the United States has thorny, or in some cases, no relations. Our government calls them "wrongful detainees," and there are currently more than 40 of them. Danny Fenster, a Detroit native locked away for nearly six months in Myanmar, was released this fall after efforts by former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. Stahl interviews Fenster, Richardson, and the State Department official tasked with bringing Americans home. 

Headlines, Deadlines, Bottom Lines – Jon Wertheim reports how hedge funds and other financial firms have swallowed up newspapers, closing newsrooms and slashing staff. 60 MINUTES looks at a local news landscape where headlines and deadlines have given way to bottom lines.

S54E21 - Platform 4 | State Of The Pandemic | Flying Blind Air Date: 07 March 2022 00:00 -

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Platform 4 – More than a million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion. Scott Pelley reports from a train station near Poland's border with Ukraine and speaks with the refugees and those trying to help them. 

State Of The Pandemic – 60 MINUTES goes behind the scenes at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta to report on the current state of the pandemic. Since first being identified in the United States just three months ago, strains of the milder Omicron have almost entirely replaced the more virulent Delta variant. Hospitalizations, cases, and deaths are dropping. The CDC has announced a relaxation of guidelines – saying for most Americans, it's okay to drop the mask. What is the next phase of the pandemic? Dr. Jon LaPook speaks with CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky and other leading experts. 

Flying Blind – Even the most competitive skiers see Montana's Big Couloir as among the most challenging runs in the country. But for Jacob Smith, who at 15 is the only blind competitive free rider in the country, it was an almost inconceivable feat. After undergoing four major surgeries for a brain tumor starting when he was just eight years old, Jacob did the legendary run three years ago. Sharyn Alfonsi profiles Smith, who competes for the Big Sky freeride team today, and skis by tapping into his other senses and his memory of the mountain before he went blind.

S54E22 - Headlines from Ukraine | Voting Rights & Wrongs | Secretary Pete | The Improbable Tale of Ted Lasso Air Date: 13 March 2022 23:00 -

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Headlines from Ukraine – Charlie D'Agata reports the latest from Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion.

Voting Rights & Wrongs – As voters start heading to the polls to cast primary ballots in the 2022 midterm elections, political battles over the 2020 presidential election and how it was administered continue to rage. Nowhere is the fight more intense than in Wisconsin. Bill Whitaker reports from the state capital of Madison, where election administrators are being investigated and threatened. 

Secretary Pete – Anderson Cooper talks to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about the new bipartisan infrastructure law, the most significant investment in America's bridges, roads, and rails in more than half a century. 

The Improbable Tale of Ted Lasso – How did an NBC Sports soccer promo become a full-fledged series and cultural phenomenon that earned more Emmy nominations than any other new comedy in television history? Norah O'Donnell goes behind the scenes of the Apple TV+ series "Ted Lasso," on set and on location in London, to interview Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, and other writers and cast members who brought the Greyhounds of AFC Richmond to life.

S54E23 - Economic Shock and Awe | Through The Roof | Sue Bird Air Date: 20 March 2022 23:00 -

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Economic Shock and Awe – As Russia continues its assault on Ukraine, the United States, European Union, and Asian allies have imposed unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia. The goal is to force Russia to withdraw its army and agree not to attack Ukraine again. Sharyn Alfonsi sits down with deputy national security advisor Daleep Singh, the Biden administration's point man on the sanctions and architect of this "war by other means." Alfonsi reports on the impact of the sanctions, the risk, and the potential for collateral damage on the U.S. economy and the rest of the world. 

Through The Roof – 60 MINUTES travels to a hot housing market and examines the rental madness affecting millions of Americans. With residential rents nationwide up 15% last year, nearly twice the overall inflation rate, Lesley Stahl looks at the factors behind the jump – supply and demand first among them. While millions of people need rental housing, very little rental housing has been built in the last decade. At the same time, big investment firms are buying up rental properties, most of them in "hot" Sun Belt rental markets, and in turn, would-be first-time homebuyers have to compete against Wall Street giants. The financial impossibility for many keeps people as tenants renting, which keeps rental demand high and can drive rents even higher. 

Sue Bird – Jon Wertheim profiles one of the greatest players in WNBA history and one of basketball's generational stars. Sue Bird is poised to start her 19th season with the only team she's ever known, the Seattle Storm. Three decades, four WNBA championships, and five Olympic gold medals later, Bird has come a long way, as has her league and women's sports. Wertheim talks to the fearless New York point guard, now 41 years old and still performing with crisp precision. 

S54E24 - City of Lions | Londongrad | Laurie Anderson Air Date: 03 April 2022 23:00 -

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City of Lions – Hospitals, health care facilities, and ambulances in Ukraine have been under attack in recent weeks. Since the start of the conflict, there have been more than 70 attacks on hospitals, doctors, and ambulances, according to the World Health Organization. Medical facilities are quickly running out of vital medical supplies like oxygenators, blood transfusion equipment, and PPE. The International Medical Corps (IMC) has plans to intervene. Scott Pelley embeds with the IMC as they deliver much-needed supplies, training, and resources into Ukraine. The "City of Lions" is the nickname for Lviv, Ukraine. 

Londongrad – One of the ways the West is hoping to derail Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine is by waging war on his inner circle: the hundreds of mega-rich oligarchs who hide Putin's money abroad and prop up his regime. For decades, Britain has actively courted the Russian billionaires, ignoring reports of their suspicious wealth. Billions of dollars poured in. Today, there's so much Russian cash in London; the capital is nicknamed "Londongrad." Now, with Russia laying waste to Ukraine, Britain is under pressure to show it can stop the flood of corrupt money. Bill Whitaker goes to the heart of Russia's capital abroad – London – to find out. 

Laurie Anderson  60 MINUTES' Anderson Cooper profiles artist Laurie Anderson, one of America's most unusual – and visionary – creative pioneers. There is little Anderson hasn't done over a genre-blurring five-decade career as a performance artist, composer, filmmaker, electronics whiz, and, first and foremost, storyteller. She has won a GRAMMY for an album about Hurricane Sandy, served as the first official artist in residence for NASA, and still, today, at 74, remains uncategorizable and busy as ever. 60 MINUTES catches up with Anderson as her largest-ever U.S. exhibition is on display at the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C.

S54E25 - President Zelenskyy | Bitcoin Beach Air Date: 10 April 2022 23:00 -

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President Zelenskyy  As Russia's war on Ukraine continues, 60 MINUTES' Scott Pelley goes inside a government building in Kyiv to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for an extensive interview following the leader's visit to Bucha and his address to the United Nations Security Council. Pelley spoke with Zelenskyy about the civilian attacks and then traveled to Bucha himself, where he talked to residents who survived the Russian assault on their city. This is a double-length segment.

Bitcoin Beach – 60 MINUTES' Sharyn Alfonsi heads to El Zonte, a rustic fishing village of 3,000 on El Salvador's coast that boasts two things: a great point break and what may be the best example of a bitcoin economy. After an anonymous donation of bitcoin in 2019, an American expat and a group of young Salvadoran community leaders saw the value bitcoin could bring to their area. In a town with no bank and with nearly 70% of Salvadorans unbanked, they believe bitcoin has the potential to level the playing field for those long excluded from traditional financial systems. Alfonsi spoke with the characters on the ground about the extraordinary circumstances that sparked Bitcoin Beach and its potential to change people's lives.

S54E26 - Shields Up | Running Volkswagen | eVTOLs Air Date: 17 April 2022 23:00 -

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Shields Up – As Russia continues its war on Ukraine, the Biden administration warns about Kremlin-directed cyberattacks on critical infrastructure in the United States. Bill Whitaker reports on the growing threat, speaking with top government officials and private-sector cybersecurity leaders about how the United States is mounting a digital defense. 

Running Volkswagen – Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess sits down with 60 MINUTES' Lesley Stahl to discuss how the giant German automaker tackles issues like rising prices at the pump, the war in Ukraine, COVID-19 unraveling supply chains, and the increasing concern over climate change. Diess has set his company a goal: he wants at least half of his fleet to be electric cars by the end of the decade – not an easy mission for an 85-year-old car company. 

eVTOLs – 60 MINUTES' Anderson Cooper looks at what could be the next big thing in transportation: eVTOLs, electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Companies all around the world are spending billions of dollars to turn these battery-powered vehicles into air taxi services, promising a faster, safer, and greener mode of transportation. Sound too good to be true? Cooper went for a ride to find out. 

S54E27 - Director of the FBI | Examining the Bin Laden Papers | Mayor Adams Air Date: 24 April 2022 23:00 -

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Director of the FBI  FBI Director Christopher Wray sits down for a wide-ranging interview with 60 MINUTES' Scott Pelley to discuss how the FBI is assisting in Ukraine's cyber defense, the ongoing cyber threats to the homeland from nation-states Russia and China, preventing another attack on the U.S. from domestic and international terrorists,f and more. 

Examining the Bin Laden Papers  In her first global television interview, author and Islamic scholar Nelly Lahoud sits down with 60 MINUTES' Sharyn Alfonsi to discuss her new book, The Bin Laden Papers, and shares a rare look at the inner workings of Al Qaeda. On May 1, 2011, American special forces raided the compound of Osama Bin Laden, where they killed the terrorist leader and gathered intelligence that included a treasure trove of Bin Laden's personal documents, handwritten journals, and internal Al Qaeda communications. Most of those documents were declassified in 2017 when Lahoud gained access and spent five years poring over the thousands of pages, opening up a whole new world of insight on the infamous leader and Al Qaeda. 

Mayor Adams  60 MINUTES' Anderson Cooper profiles New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Following the Brooklyn subway shooting, Adams discusses how he intends to tackle the daunting challenges facing the city, including police reform, economic recovery, the rise in crime, and new COVID outbreaks. Cooper speaks with Adams about how he was a victim of police brutality as a teenager and then became a police officer for 22 years. 

S54E28 - Harvest of War | Eurovision | Birds Aren't Real Air Date: 01 May 2022 23:00 -

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Harvest of War  Nearly half of Ukrainians say they're worried about where they'll find their next meal, according to the United Nations World Food Programme. Since the start of the conflict, the World Food Programme has mobilized food supplies to 2.5 million people, and in the weeks to come, they're poised to provide relief to six million in the country. 60 MINUTES' Scott Pelley enters Ukraine with David Beasley of the WFP and follows the organization's efforts to curb the hunger crisis. Pelley reports that it's not just Ukrainians who are suffering. Ukraine, a major wheat exporter, plays a vital role in feeding the rest of the world, and the war has led to an increase in collateral hunger in other countries. 

Eurovision  60 MINUTES correspondent Jon Wertheim meets Iceland's contenders for Eurovision, the world's largest musical event and a live TV show that's a cross between the Olympics and "American Idol." Watched by more than 180 million Europeans each year, the contest features performers from nearly 40 countries who participate in the music competition. Eurovision has boosted the careers of past contestants ABBA, Celine Dion, and Julio Iglesias. 

Birds Aren't Real – The founder of Birds Aren't Real, Peter McIndoe, sits down with Sharyn Alfonsi to discuss the movement he launched, which uses satire to mirror some of the absurdity growing in America. More than a million people have become followers of the fictional conspiracy theory that birds aren't real. McIndoe shares the backstory to launching the movement.

S54E29 - Mark Esper | Crisis | Ballet in Exile Air Date: 08 May 2022 23:00 -

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Mark Esper – 60 MINUTES' Norah O'Donnell speaks with former U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in his first interview ahead of the release of his new book, A Sacred Oath. A West Point graduate and then an Army officer for ten years, Esper served as President Donald Trump's second defense secretary until he was fired six days after the 2020 election. Esper talks about how his relationship with Mr. Trump deteriorated, what Esper considered to be some of the "crazy" ideas coming out of the White House, why the murder of George Floyd was a turning point in his time at the Pentagon, his thoughts on the Biden administration's handling of the war in Ukraine and more. 

Crisis  According to the CDC, the rates of suicide, self-harm, anxiety, and depression are up among kids and teens – a trend that began before the pandemic. A deficit of mental health care workers and facilities for young people, a depletion of resources during COVID-19, and a lack of school mental health specialists have created extraordinarily challenging conditions for families who need help in already troubling times. Wisconsin is one state struggling to meet these needs. 60 MINUTES' Sharyn Alfonsi travels to Milwaukee to chronicle how the pandemic has impacted the mental health of their youth and how families and communities have responded. 

Ballet in Exile – 60 MINUTES pulls back the curtain and looks at how Russia's invasion of Ukraine is developing on the most delicate of fronts: the world's ballet stages. Correspondent Jon Wertheim meets Russian dancer Olga Smirnova – one of the world's leading ballerinas – who condemned the invasion, left Moscow's famed Bolshoi company in protest, and fled the country. He sits down with a young Ukrainian dancer who's found a safe haven in Amsterdam to continue her dreams; the American who helped relocate her and more than a hundred Ukrainian dancers through the international ballet community; and a Ukrainian dancer turned soldier as conflict rages at home.

S54E30 - Bellingcat | Sharswood Air Date: 15 May 2022 23:00 -

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Bellingcat  As reports of war crimes in Ukraine continue at the hands of the Russian military, 60 MINUTES goes inside Bellingcat, a team of online data detectives, and its investigations to look at how they build their cases. Scott Pelley speaks with founder Eliot Higgins about how his organization is building a database of social media exposing the alleged war crimes. Pelley reports that Bellingcat has trained more than 4,000 journalists and war crimes investigators in its techniques of geolocation, verification, and data mining. 

Sharswood  60 MINUTES' Lesley Stahl visits Fred Miller and his family in the large house in southern Virginia that they recently bought to host family gatherings, only to discover that their own ancestors had once been enslaved on that very property. Miller's sister and cousins scoured historical records and enlisted a genealogist to find evidence that their great-great-grandparents, Violet and David Miller, were enslaved on the plantation, then-called Sharswood. The dilapidated building still standing behind the main house has been identified by archeologists as living quarters for some of the enslaved men and women there. Buying this home has opened a window into the Miller family's past that was not discussed within their family, and that many African American families struggle to obtain. This is a double-length segment. 

S54E31 - In Short Supply | Hope Chicago | Jonas Kaufmann Air Date: 22 May 2022 23:00 -

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In Short Supply – Hospitals have been facing daily drug shortages across the country for over a decade. The lack of essential drugs is not a matter of supply and demand, a 60 MINUTES investigation found, but pharmaceutical companies have been halting production of life-saving generic drugs because they aren't profitable. Bill Whitaker finds a broken system, as doctors express serious concerns and the government stands on the sidelines. 

Hope Chicago – 60 MINUTES' Scott Pelley visits Johnson College Prep on Chicago's South Side, where many students have no permanent home and face violence on their way to school, as they experience a miracle. Pelley sits down with the principal and the students whose lives will be changed forever by Hope Chicago, which funds blanket scholarships for students to attend in-state colleges for free. 

Jonas Kaufmann – 60 MINUTES profiles opera singer Jonas Kaufmann. Critics applaud the German tenor's singing and range, while others point to his history of high-profile performance cancellations. After following Kaufmann for years, traveling to his childhood home in Munich, Norah O'Donnell sits down with the opera star and learns about his rise to the top and his quest to protect his voice.

S54E32 - TBA Air Date: 18 September 2022 23:00 -

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