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Station: HGTV (US)
Status: Running
Start: 1999-09-30

House Hunters Next Episode Air Date

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House Hunters episode countdown picture House Hunters episode countdown picture House Hunters episode countdown picture House Hunters episode countdown picture House Hunters episode countdown picture House Hunters episode countdown picture House Hunters episode countdown picture

House Hunters Air Dates

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  • S107E01 - Couple Looking for the Right Fit in Raleigh, N.C.

    A couple search, with some difficulty, for the right house in Raleigh.

    Air Date: 02 October 2015 02:00 -
  • S107E02 - Finicky Couple Wants No Southwest Style in Phoenix

    A young, soon-to-be married couple search for their first home in Phoenix, hoping to find a place that doesn't have the Spanish or Southwester features common in the city. Also: They disagree about whether a pool and lush backyard are must-have features.

    Air Date: 17 October 2015 02:00 -
  • S107E03 - Husband / Agent Tries to Find House for Picky Wife in Baltimore

    A Baltimore real-estate agent and his very picky wife look to upgrade from a one-bedroom apartment to preferably a move-in ready, single-family home, which she wants to have an updated kitchen with an island, a big backyard, a bathroom on the main floor and an open-floor plan with a master suite.

    Air Date: 27 October 2015 02:00 -
  • S107E04 - To Pool or Not to Pool in Destin, Florida

    Young parents with two small children need a larger home for their family in Destin, Fla. Up for debate is whether to get a pool, which would require a lot of maintenance and swimming lessons for the kids.

    Air Date: 05 November 2015 03:00 -
  • S107E05 - A Passion for Flipping in Chicago

    A single gal with a newfound passion for rehabbing homes looks for a full-gut project in Chicago.

    Air Date: 07 November 2015 03:00 -
  • S107E06 - Tough Going in Hot Nashville Market

    Compromise doesn't come easy for a couple who are searching for a home in the hot Nashville real-estate market.

    Air Date: 13 November 2015 03:00 -
  • S107E07 - Newlyweds in New Orleans Debating Shotgun vs. Victorian

    A newlywed couple have a difference of opinion when it comes to choosing a classic New Orleans home.

    Air Date: 19 November 2015 03:00 -
  • S107E08 - New vs. Charm in the Twin Cities

    First-time buyers end up in an old vs. new debate when they search for a home in Minneapolis.

    Air Date: 21 November 2015 03:00 -
  • S107E09 - Selling the Row House and Moving to the Philly Burbs

    Parents with a toddler have different ideas about their forever home in the suburbs after selling their Philadelphia row house.

    Air Date: 24 November 2015 03:00 -
  • S107E10 - Family of Eight Looking for Big Home in Tennessee

    A pastor and his wife want a new home with lots of space and a big backyard for their six children. Hardwood floors are also on their wish list.

    Air Date: 27 January 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E11 - Young Buyers Look for Character in Arlington, TX

    A newly engaged couple search for the perfect house in Arlington, Texas, to start their lives together. He wants a place with lots of character, even if it needs a little work; and she's holding out for her dream kitchen with new appliances and white cabinets.

    Air Date: 02 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E12 - Young Professional Has High Expectations in D.C.

    Looking for a place of her own in Washington, D.C., a young professional searches for an apartment that has views of the water, plenty of space to entertain and an automatic dishwasher.

    Air Date: 15 June 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E13 - Family of Five Needs More Bathrooms in Upstate New York

    A family from upstate New York wants to find a larger house with a master suite so the parents do not have to share a bathroom with the children.

    Air Date: 26 January 2016 01:00 -
  • S107E14 - Hip Couple Looks for a Home With Style in Frederick, Md

    After outgrowing a townhouse, a couple wants to find a modern home with vintage charm in Frederick, Md.

    Air Date: 26 January 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E15 - Family of Eight Looking for Big Home in Tennessee

    A pastor and his wife want to find a larger home in Tennessee with a big backyard for their children.

    Air Date: 27 January 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E16 - Former Pro Athlete and Family Make Big Move to Oregon

    A former pro football player and his family move from California to Oregon, but their conflicting styles make things difficult.

    Air Date: 28 January 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E17 - Surgeon and Wife Move Near Family in Kansas City

    A surgeon and his family search for a house in the Kansas City area, where they can be close to family.

    Air Date: 29 January 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E18 - Looking for a Home With Land in Alabama

    A doctor and his wife want to find a move-in ready house on acreage in Alabama, where their children can experience a country upbringing.

    Air Date: 02 February 2016 01:00 -
  • S107E19 - Young Buyers Look for Character in Arlington, Texas

    A newly-engaged couple wants to find the perfect house in Arlington, Texas, where they can start their lives together.

    Air Date: 02 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E20 - Young Couple Debate Old vs. New in Manchester, N.H.

    High school sweethearts want to find a home in the Manchester, N.H. area, but they debate turn-key vs. old fashioned fixer upper.

    Air Date: 04 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E21 - Looking for Bling on a Budget in Orlando

    A second time buyer in Orlando, Fla., wants to find a turn-key home with an updated kitchen and granite countertops.

    Air Date: 05 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E22 - Single Mom Dreams of a Bungalow in Portland, Oregon

    A single mother and her daughter search for their first place in Portland, Ore., but they have a low budget.

    Air Date: 09 February 2016 01:00 -
  • S107E23 - Native Cajuns Looking to Live Large in LaFayette, La

    A Louisiana doctor and his wife want to find a home in LaFayette, La., that makes a statement, but stays true to their Cajun roots.

    Air Date: 09 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E24 - Couple Moves From California to Bend, Oregon

    A young couple moves to Bend, Ore., to be closer to friends and family, and consider Craftsman-style homes and Victorians.

    Air Date: 11 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E25 - Putting Down Roots in Phoenix

    Texas transplants want to buy a home close to their families in the Phoenix suburbs, but a wish list strains relations with the realtor.

    Air Date: 12 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E26 - Couples With Kids Can't Agree on Anything in New Haven, Ct

    A married couple searches for a family home that has space for them, their two daughters, and in-laws in New Haven, Conn; She wants a home she can customize while he wants as little work as possible.

    Air Date: 16 February 2016 01:00 -
  • S107E27 - Denver Transplants Look for Beautiful Downtown Views

    First time buyers want to find a home with downtown views in Denver, with room for a gym and a rustic look.

    Air Date: 16 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E28 - Bryan and Megan Debate New vs. Vintage in Detroit Suburbs

    Renters in suburban Detroit want to find a larger house with more head space, but with vintage charm.

    Air Date: 18 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E29 - Making Room for More Babies in Cleveland

    A couple wants to find a house in the Cleveland suburbs that is big enough for their plans for more children.

    Air Date: 19 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E30 - Town vs. Country in Watkinsville, Georgia

    A family searches for a large, single-family home in Watkinsville, Ga., but they must choose between acreage and an established neighborhood.

    Air Date: 23 February 2016 01:00 -
  • S107E31 - Couple Wants Plantation Style in Tampa

    After several moves, a couple wants to find a house in Tampa, Fla., that has a pool and four bedrooms.

    Air Date: 23 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E32 - Musicians Getting Into the Hot Nashville Market

    Married musicians expect to have a fixer upper in Nashville, Tenn., but they must decide on how many projects they can handle.

    Air Date: 25 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E33 - Brian and Shannon Debate Victorian vs. Contemporary in St. Louis

    A couple from Washington, D.C., is having a difficult time deciding what style of home to buy in St. Louis.

    Air Date: 26 February 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E34 - Family of Five Look for Their Dream Home in Norwalk, Conn.

    A family from Colorado searches for a move-in ready Cape Cod-style home in Norwalk, Conn., with a large backyard.

    Air Date: 01 March 2016 01:00 -
  • S107E35 - First-Time Buyer Expects First Rate Upgrades in California
    Air Date: 01 March 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E36 - Young Buyers Look for Vintage Home in Baltimore

    A young couple look for their first home in Baltimore.

    Air Date: 03 March 2016 03:00 -
  • S107E37 - Twenty-Something Looks for Her First Home in Orlando

    A woman looks her first home in Orlando and her mother attempts to convince her to purchase a single family home.

    Air Date: 08 March 2016 01:00 -
  • S107E38 - Two Bachelors Hunt for a Bungalow Near Downtown

    A couple of childhood best friendslook for a bungalow near downtown Austin, that has a garage or workspace that is big enough to make furniture in.

    Air Date: 15 March 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E39 - Million Dollar House Hunt on Southern California Coast

    A family that's recently moved back to California after a stint in Dallas wants to find a home near the beach in Orange County. But in this ultra pricey market, even their 6 figure budget will mean big compromises.

    Air Date: 16 March 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E40 - Newlyweds Seek Antique Home With Charm in Boston Suburbs

    Boston newlyweds are ditching city living for the 'burbs. She's holding out for an antique home with lots of charm, particularly and old colonial. But he's partial to the Gambrel Cape style, popular in New England.

    Air Date: 22 March 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E41 - But Will the Sofa Fit?

    A flight attendant and a translator would love to buy a house in the Baltimore neighborhood of Greektown. But in city known for its narrow townhouses and rowhomes, finding a place that's big and wide enough to fit their supersized sofa won't be easy.

    Air Date: 25 March 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E42 - Globe Trotting Couple Finally Settling Down in Suburban Detroit

    A globe-trotting couple want to make a new life in suburban Detroit on a limited budget.

    Air Date: 29 March 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E43 - Modern and Turn-Key vs. Vintage Fixer in Chicago

    A Chicago couple find it difficult deciding on whether to buy a vintage fixer-upper or a modern property.

    Air Date: 01 April 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E44 - Atlanta Couple Debates Georgian Style or Split-Level
    Air Date: 05 April 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E45 - Couple Seeks Bigger Home in Clemson, S.C.
    Air Date: 08 April 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E46 - Couple Seeks Old Home That's Not Haunted in Massachusetts
    Air Date: 12 April 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E47 - Planning a Wedding and House Hunting in Westchester County, New York
    Air Date: 13 April 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E48 - Young Couple Search for Vintage Touches in Historic Sugar Land, Texas
    Air Date: 15 April 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E49 - L.A. Buyers Want to Trade Suburbs for Urban Core
    Air Date: 19 April 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E50 - New Parents Want a Big Backyard in Jersey
    Air Date: 26 April 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E51 - Young Family Wants Grand Staircase Home in Sacramento
    Air Date: 29 April 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E52 - Young Parents Debate Move-in-Ready vs. Fixer-Upper in Calif.
    Air Date: 03 May 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E53 - Newly Engaged Couple Disagree on First Home in Framingham, Mass.
    Air Date: 04 May 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E54 - Newlyweds Look for New Life in Detroit Rock City
    Air Date: 05 May 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E55 - Couple Looks for Waterfront Summer Home in Myrtle Beach
    Air Date: 06 May 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E56 - Young Filmmaker Seeks Pre-War Apartment in NYC's East Village
    Air Date: 10 May 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E57 - New Parents Look for Baby's First Home in Rapid City, SD
    Air Date: 13 May 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E58 - Family of Five Moves From Pittsburgh to California
    Air Date: 20 May 2016 02:00 -
  • S107E61 - Single Mom Looks for Vacation Home in Sunny Florida
    Air Date: 10 June 2016 02:00 -
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